DRH Enterprises has partnered with Friendly WiFi and RDI  to bring the Friendly WiFi  accreditation service to the United States.

“Corporate America needs to exercise responsibility to be part of the solution to keep children and families safe while using public WiFi services. The Friendly WiFi accreditation seal is a win-win for the Corporation who offers filtered and friendly WiFi and is well positioned to become the good housekeeping seal of approval to help guide consumers where to go to use safe Wi-Fi in the U.S."

Donna Rice Hughes


Commentaries and Op Eds


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"Donna is one of the leaders in the fight against pornography aimed at children on the Internet."

— Oprah Winfrey

"Donna continues to fight for the cause...Speaking out for new laws and diligent enforcement of them."

— Barbara Walters, 20/20

"[Donna Rice Hughes] has been warning about the dangers for years.

Dateline NBC, April 9, 2006