Professional Speaking

Having delivered more than 400 speeches and/or training seminars since 1994, Donna Rice Hughes has spoken extensively on the subject of Internet dangers, safety, and cybersecurity in educational, professional forums to parents, educators, media, churches, policy makers, and law enforcement in communities across the country including: keynotes at the White House, University of Houston Law School, MIT, Johns Hopkins University, the Media Institute, The Freedom Forum, Newseum, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Department of State, Federal Food and Drug Administration, Willow Creek Church, Second Baptist Church of Houston, The National Salvation Army, PTA National Conference, National Set Free Summit, The Call at the Rose Bowl, and The National Children's Internet Summit. She also conducted a seminar, at the request of AG John Ashcroft, at the Department of Justice's Federal Prosecutors' Obscenity Symposium.  

Past Speeches and Presentations:

October 25, 2023: Presenter at the SCREEN Act Congressional Briefing, Washington, D.C.

September 2023: Spoke at the Wash. DC Republican Congressional Wives Speakers Seminar at The Library of Congress to share scope of online child sexual exploitation/solutions including pending bipartisan legislation

March 28, 2023: Faith Wins National Pastoral Conference: Educated faith audiences on digital risks, shared Recovering Hearts Initiative at Faith Wins National Pastoral Conference 

March 28, 2023: Intercessors for America Policy and Prayer Summitt; Presented on key online risks children face today 

2021: TED Talk: "Kids Play Where Predators Prey" VIDEO

March 2020: Keynote speaker at the Distinguished Lecture Series event at Colorado Christian University where she addressed students, faculty, and community leaders on Internet dangers confronting youth and EIE campaigns  combating these threats, including the Safe WiFi campaign, the Presidential Pledge, Governor's Pledges, and State Attorneys General Pledges. - VIDEO

February 2020: following Sarah Sanders, Ms. Hughes spoke at the Eagle Council and Educational Policy Conference to present: Protecting Children from Sexualization in the Digital World. She shared the dangers and solutions of extreme pornography and child porn industry with the audience.

October 9, 2019 - Donna Rice Hughes presents: “The Business Case for Filtering Pornography and Child Sex Abuse Images" at the University of Notre Dame.

April 15, 2019 - Donna Rice Hughes at Ohio Christian University - ARTICLE,  AUDIO RECORDING

September 2017: Mom's March for America, Moms March Across America - VIDEO, TRANSCRIPT

2009 - 2013 - To educate and equip parents, guardians and community leaders to protect their children from Internet pornography, sexual predators and other dangers, EIE President Donna Rice Hughes and staff continued to provide hundreds of Internet safety presentations and seminars as part of the Internet Safety 101 state and national rollout to interested groups and organizations (religious, secular, public and private) throughout America.

November 2009: AT&T Security Expo – Keynote Speaker: “Internet Safety 101”

November 2009: National Social Services Secretary of Salvation Army - Keynote Speaker: “Enough Is Enough®: Internet Safety 101”

May 2009: Family Online Safety Institute – Speech: “Internet Safety 101”

April 2009: 8th Annual Coalition Against Pornography Conference - Keynote Speaker: “Protecting Children and Families Against Pornography and Other Harmful Materials”

February 2009: Parke County School Districts Presentation - Keynote Speaker: “No Child Left Unprotected”

December 2007: Virginia Educational Technology Leadership Conference - Keynote Speaker: “Internet Safety 101: Empowering Parents”

November 2007: Florida Virtual Schools - Keynote Speaker: “Internet Safety 101: Empowering Parents”

October 2007: Portsmouth PTA Convention - Keynote Speaker: “Internet Safety 101”

May 2007: Council for National Policy - Speech: “A Call to Arms: Protecting the Age of Innocence”

February 2007: Online Child Protection Roundtable – Speech: “On Public Education”

February 2007: Young President Organization - Keynote Speaker: “Enough Is Enough®: Empowering Parents”

October 2006: The Antelope Valley Kiwanis Club - Keynote Speaker: “Internet Safety, Risks, Solutions, and Statistics”

October 2006: The Preteen Abstinence Conference - Keynote Speaker: “Internet Safety”

September 2006: Congressional Internet Caucus’ Panel – Panelist: “Should Congress Decree Social Networks and Chat Sites Teen-Free Zones?”

September 2006: Teen Scene Unplugged: Plugging Into the Online World of Today’s Teen - Keynote Speaker: “Online Dangers: Prevention, Demonstration, and Laws Promoting Internet Safety”

April 2006: White House Christian Fellowship - Speech

April 2006: Young Life Rockbridge Alum Springs Women ‘s Retreat - Speech: “The Internet, Children, and Families”

March 2006: World Hope International Board and Friends Dinner - Keynote Speaker: “Enough Is Enough®: Internet Safety Rules ‘N Tools”

March 2006: St. Rita Catholic Church - Keynote Speaker: “Internet Safety: Rules ‘N Tools”

February 2006: National Women’s Seminar: National Prayer Breakfast - Speech

March 2004: Southern Baptist Convention: Virtuous Reality Ethics Conference - Speech: “Deciphering Right from Wrong in the New Millennium”

February 2004: Salvation Army Mission & Ministries Forum - Speech: “Pornography/Morality in the Media/Internet Pornography”

2003: The Call LA: A Call to the Nation’s Youth – Speech: “The Harms of Pornography and a Call to Purity”

December 2003: Glory Tabernacle’s Extraordinary Women’s Christmas Tea - Keynote Speaker: “Internet Dangers: A Tool Used for Good and Evil”

November 2003: Second Baptist Church - Personal testimony and Internet safety

November 2003: The Haverford School - Speech: “Internet Dangers and Safety Solutions”

November 2003: Second Baptist Church Presentation - Speech: “Protecting Children and Families Online”

October 2003: U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee - Provided written testimony on the prosecution of illegal pornography

August 2003: Salvation Army Women’s Rally - Speech: “Internet Dangers and Safety Solutions”

May 2003: Salvation Army’s Women’s Commission Conference - Keynote Speaker: “Pornography and Morality in the Media”

May 2003: The Salvation Army National Women's Convention - Speech: "Internet Dangers and Safety Solutions"

March 2003: The Salvation Army National Moral and Ethical Committee – Speech: "Internet Safety 101"

January 2003: The Cornerstone Project Luncheon Series - Speech: “Internet Safety 101”

January 2003: McLean Bible Church - Speech: Internet safety

January 2003: The Media Institute: The Cornerstone Project "Free Speech: The Language of America" - Panel Discussion: Children, Indecency, and the First Amendment

December 2002: The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation - Press briefing and panel discussion: “See No Evil: How Internet Filters Affect the Search for online Health Information”

October 2002: University of Houston Law Center, Andrews & Kurth Debate - Debate: Considering the Child Online Protection Act

October 2002: The Christian Coalition Road to Victory Conference - Speech: “Internet Dangers and Call to the Church”

June 2002: 3rd Annual Northern Virginia Salute to the Family - Keynote Speaker: “Protecting Your Children and Family in Cyberspace”

June 2002: Department of Justice: Federal Prosecutors’ Symposium on Obscenity - Spoke at the invitation of Attorney General John Ashcroft’s office to address U.S. Attorneys and prosecutors on “Obscenity: Pervasiveness, Threat, and Harm”

May 2002: Congressional Internet Caucus - Panel Discussion: “Controlling Online Pornography: Options for Parents and Families”

April 2002: Masters Touch International Church - Speech: Internet safety

April 2002: The Junior League of Monmouth County - Safety Net Forum: “Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace”

March 2002: National House of Hope and CBN Weekend Conference - Speech: “Teens and the Internet”

March 2002: House of Hope - Speech: “Teens and the Internet”

November 2001: Press Conference on Children's Online Protection Act - Supreme Court

November 2001: The Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce - Testimony: "The Dot Kids Domain Name Act of 2001"

October 2001: Mariners Christian School - Speech: "Internet Safety"

October 2001: Global Violence Crisis and Hope: The Search for Solutions to Critical Global Problems - Speech: "The Dark Side of the Internet"

October 2001: Mariners Christian School for Parents in Action - Keynote Speaker: “Keeping Our Children Safe Online”

September 2001: 74th Annual Christian Church of North America Convention - Speech: “Internet Dangers and Solutions”

June 2001: Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors Public Hearing on Library Internet Filters - Speech: "Curbing Pornography in Public Libraries"

June 2001: Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors Public Hearing - Keynote Speaker: “Protecting Library Patrons from the Internet’s Dark Side”

May 2001: Computer Security Privacy and Policy Institute’s Computer Security Conference - Keynote Speaker: “Internet Safety 101”

May 2001: Rocky Mountain College/Computer Security, Privacy and Policy Institute’s Computer Security Conference - Keynote speaker: "Internet Safety"

April 2001: Maryland Coalition Against Pornography - Speech: "Kids Online - Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace"

April 2001: Safe Community Coalition - Panel Discussion: "Pornography on the Internet - How to Curb Your Kids"

March 2001: Press Conference on Children's Internet Protection Act - Longworth House Office Building

March 2001: New Community Church of the Palm Beaches - Speech: Personal testimony and "Protect Your Children in Cyberspace"

January 2001: Press Conference on John Ashcroft Nomination for Attorney General - Concerned Women for America National Headquarters

January 2001: University of Bridgeport - Speech: "The Dark Side of the Internet"

January 2001: World Culture and Sports Festival 2001: Convocation of World Leaders - Speech: "The Dark Side of the Internet"

January 2001: University of Bridgeport - Keynote Speaker: “The Dark Side of the Internet”

January 2001: Convocation of World Leaders - Keynote Speaker: “The Dark Side of the Internet”

October 2000: Sydenstricker United Methodist Church - Speech: "Internet Safety - Protecting Children and Families Online"

October 2000: First Academy School - Keynote speaker: "Online Safety, Legislative Efforts on Protecting Children Online"

October 2000: House of Hope - Speech: "Internet Safety"

October 2000: Florida Family Association 6th Annual Town Meeting - Speech: "Internet Safety - Protecting Your Children and Families in Cyberspace"

September 2000: Long Island Citizens for Community Values - Speech: "Internet Safety"

September 2000: Concerned Women For America National Convention - Speech: "Internet Safety"

August 2000: Women in Federal Law Enforcement/Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms - Speech: "The Internet and Child Safety"

August 2000: Riverland Hills Baptist Church - Speech: "Kids Online - Internet Safety"

July 2000: National Leadership Forum on Abstinence - Speech: "Kids Online - Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace"

May 2000: The Salvation Army Women's Camp Speech: "Protecting Children Online"

April 2000: Impact America - Moderated Internet Safety Seminar

April 2000: Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart - Speech: "Internet Safety"

March 2000: Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Subcommittee on Children and Families - Testimony: "Keeping Children Safe from Internet Predators"

March 2000: Educational Policy Conference - Speech: "Computers, Pornography and the Internet"

October 1999: Media Briefing on Youth Violence - National Press Club

October 1999: Christian Coalition’s 20th Annual Road to Victory Conference – Speech: “A Pornography Free Internet”

October 1999: Media Press Conference - Speech: “Are Violent Movies, Television and Video Games Teaching Our Kids to Kill?”

August 1999: Center for Christian Statesmanship’s Politics & Principle Luncheon -Testimonial Speaker

August 1999: First Baptist Church of Orlando - Speech: Personal testimony and "Internet Safety"

May 1999: National Conference of State Legislators - Speech: "Pornography and the Internet"

May 1999: U.S. House Judiciary Committee - Testimony: "Internet Dangers"

February 1999: Women for Christ Annual Luncheon - Keynote speaker: Personal testimony and "Internet Safety"

January 1999: The Freedom Forum: Internet and the First Amendment - Panel discussion: "Filters and Ratings"

November 1998: American University - Speech: "Pornography, the Internet and Children"

November 1998: John Hopkins University - Speech: Media, Law, and Society

October 1998: Johns Hopkins University's Odyssey Media Forum - Panel discussion: "Sex and Violence on TV and the Web"

June 1998: National Federation of Press Women - President's Roundtable on the Internet

May 1998: Business & Professional Women's Guild - Speech: "Internet Safety"

March 1998: Women of Fourth Church Luncheon - Speech: Personal testimony

October 1997: Concerned Women of America National Conference - Speech

July 1997: Willowcreek Church - Testimonial Speaker

July 1997: Attorney General Conference of South Carolina - Speech: “Computer Pornography and Accessibility”

June 1997: CyberKids, Inc. Conference - Advisory Board Speaker: “Enough Is Enough®

June 1997: Press Conference on Communications Decency Act - Supreme Court

May 1997: Women’s Ministry National Presbyterian Church - Testimonial Speaker

April 1997: First Baptist Church’s Adult Singles Day - Testimonial Speaker

April 1997: Chattanooga Logs Onto Safety Seminar - Speech: "Internet Safety"

March 1997: Press Conference on Communications Decency Act - National Press Club March 1997: Communications Decency Act Press Conference and Rally - Speech

March 1997: The Christian Business Men’s Committee of the Greater Washington, D.C. Area’s 1997 Couples Banquet - Testimonial Speaker

November 1996: Cyber Risk Conference – Speech: “Enough Is Enough® Campaign”

September 1996: Society of Professional Journalists National Conference – Panelist: “Telecommunications Decency”

September 1996: Grand Strand Women’s Day - Testimonial Speaker

July 1996: Communications Decency Act and Child Protection Technology Briefing – Panelist: “Enough Is Enough®

July 1996: Ouachita Baptist University Mission Meeting - Testimonial Speaker: “Enough Is Enough®

July 1996: IMFK - Speech: Personal testimony

May 1996: Oklahomans For Children and Families’ 4th Annual Spring Banquet - Speech

June 1995: Keynote speech at the Senate Russell Caucus Room that launched the Internet Safety Movement

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