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News Update - October 18, 2018 3 Issues We Cannot Ignore. It's Time to Take Action!

News Update - October 3, 2018 You did it! Another WIN to Defend the Dignity of Women and Children!

Press Release - October 2, 2018 White House and Congress Respond to Our Call to Maintain Legal Protections for Sex Trafficking Victims in USMCA Trade Agreement

Donna Rice Hughes in the media

Donna speaks for the Mom's March movement bringing the Declaration of Mothers before Congress 

C-SPAN: Donna Rice Hughes speaks on Melania Trump's Cyberbullying Platform

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an overview of the
Internet Safety 101 program:

"Donna continues to fight for the cause...Speaking out for new laws and diligent enforcement of them."

— Barbara Walters, 20/20

"[Donna Rice Hughes] has been warning about the dangers for years.

Dateline NBC, April 9, 2006

"By continuing to speak out and partner with the rest of the Internet, Donna Rice Hughes is helping all of us build a medium we can be proud of."

— Steve Case, former Chairman, American Online, Inc.